Southern Route Kitchen Knife


Metal Kitchen Handmade Uzbek Knife with Detailed blade –Orange Green Black Lines

This Large Metal Handmade Uzbek Knife is multipurpose and traditionally used daily in Uzbekistan. Extremely versatile, this knife can be the perfect partner in crime to cut and slice endlessly. Its hand painted and colourful handle provides you with comfort and grip. Both sides of the blades are stamped with beautiful arabesque patterns.

This piece is unique and 100% Handmade,  there may be variations in the pattern and colours of the handles


Measurements & Materials

Blade length: 15cm
Blade width: 3.5cm
Overall Length: 27cm
Weight: 218g
Steel type: Recycled Steel (SH15) , made from truck and car’s intake and exhaust valves.
Handle material: Bone

Care instruction

Please note that if not correctly cared for, the blade might show traces of rust. Handwash only and dry immediately to avoid staining.


The metal of these knives is originally sourced from recycling the intake and exhaust valves of cars and trucks as well as the outer ring of wheel barings. The ring is broken and unfolded at a temperature of 1000 C° to create a flat part which will then be meticulously tempered to make a sharp blade. In order to ensure the longevity of the knives, the sharpest part of the blade is dipped in pure drinkable water. A special custom tested and approved in Uzbekistan.