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Uzbek Unisex Ikat Kimono Jacket

Unique, versatile and handmade

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Introducing BAYALI

“BAYALI is an ode to our planet”

BAYALI’s journey began on our travels. Each person that we encountered opened their home
sharing wholeheartedly their stories and know-how with us. The objects we
brought back, no longer were simple souvenirs, they became storytellers. Their
uniqueness reminded us of each of them.

That's how we choose to treasure authenticity, singularity and tradition. Because for us craftsmanship
celebrates the beauty of humanity and culture coming together as one.

BAYALI is an online store which curates a fine selection of items made by the world's best kept secret craftsmen, carefully chosen for their uniqueness.

We believe that craftsmanship is the beating heart of our planet in which talent ties humanity and tradition together.

BAYALI provides a unique opportunity to explore the world to those who value authenticity.

Our Story

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man's hands cutting chives with a Bayali Uzbek handmade kitchen knife and a senegalese chopping board


Handmade Kitchen Knives

Sharp and detailed, these unique knives are made from recycled car exhausts valves. Find your perfect match.



Silk Kimonos to make your outfit stand out. Playful and chic.

Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories

Silk Ikat Cushions

Choose from a range of delicate silk Ikat fabrics perfect as kitchen chair cushions, bench cushions or cushions for sofa.