Aïssa Dione x Bayali Collaboration

Collaborating with Aïssa Dione is a dream come true. Her approach in reviving Senegalese textiles while preserving the incredible know-how is something we are proud to offer on Bayali. For those of you who may not have heard of Aïssa Dione, her story is worth reading about. Born to a French mother and Senegalese father, Aïssa has been playing with both cultures to create, in...

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A journey along the Silk Road with Advani London

Our collaboration began when we realised that both India and Uzbekistan played a significant role in the cultural, historical and economic exchanges within the silk road. There is something there for us to further explore…   Advani brings together handcrafted textile heritage of the East, specifically India, with the luxury and fashion of the West and creates a unique tailoring experience. Bayali, on the other hand,...

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