Our Story

Prunelle and Diego, Bayali's founders

Bayali’s story began with usPrunelle, the eternal traveller, born nomad and Diego, the object collector, interior design lover and our love for meaningful and unique objects. We wanted our home to make us travel and these items to take us somewhere, tell us something, introduce us to someone, remind us of a time and place... We wanted stories of encounters.

Bayali's founders Prunelle and Diego

With a lot of research, ideas of the different kinds of craftsmanship and a strong gut feeling, we embarked on our journeys searching for hidden talents. It was important for us to create a space which treasures authenticity, embraces singularity, protects tradition and encourages craftsmanship. A place where objects are messengers of their unique story and know-how.

Bayali's founders Diego and Prunelle travelling and meeting artisans

It took us a large amount of patience, a lot of excitement, some uncertainty, a few unforeseen circumstances and definitely a pinch of luck... But here we are! 

Prunelle and diego about us page

Travel the world, discover the beauty of humanity, meet wonderful people and don't forget to tell us your story along the way.