Impact & Values


Bayali Curating Craftsmanship. Handmade products. Ethically made. Social Impact.


  Work environment

We visit the workshops of all the craftsmen we work with or will be working with in the future. It is very important for us to not only understand how, where and in which conditions they work. We also want to ensure that the conditions in which they work are healthy. Creating trustful, mutual respectful and genuine partnerships with our craftsmen is essential and the foundation of Bayali.

Financial stability

When and where possible, we usually pay for raw materials in advance, to avoid putting our craftsmen in a difficult financial situation. The product prices are discussed between us and the craftsman to find a fair deal, that is sustainable by both parties, and rewards the artisan for his / her talent and work.


What we want to achieve in the future?

At Bayali, we strongly believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would give back to the community, one way or the other. Our focus will be around: the social environment surrounding our craftsmen and their families, the role we can play to bring them financial stability and give them a chance to expand their business horizons to an international level.
Bayali Curating Craftsmanship. Handmade products.


We are conscious that our carbon footprint is high when travelling abroad to meet new craftsmen, especially when flying. When possible, the Bayali team will do their very best to travel by train between destinations. However, for each flight taken, Bayali is working with Ecologi to offset its emissions, by sponsoring different projects around the world, and participate in the reforestation in specific regions of the world. (See Ecologi info here).

Material used for the products

The majority of our products are handmade and produced in small quantities. In most cases, the materials used are either upcycled, from recycled materials or coming from a natural or organic source. We are conscious about what materials are being used, and will always try to aim for the best quality of materials we are being offered, rather than the best value.


Using the right sustainable packaging options is a challenge for any start up. At Bayali, we have a strict no-plastic policy, and have found alternative ways to protect your items during the shipping process such as recycled paper bubble wrap, paper tape, shredded recycled paper void filler. While we can’t pretend to be 100% sustainable in terms of packaging, we aim to get as close as possible to this percentage, as we grow and learn.

ECOLOGI – Offsetting CO2 Emissions

Sustainability is key for Bayali, and offsetting carbon emissions is extremely important to us..
We have decided to work with Ecologi, a certified B-Corp organisation. They offer a platform on which we can select different projects we would like to support, participate in the reforestation in specific regions around the world, and manage our impact. Our customers will soon be given the option to plant a tree at check out. Our aim is to be able to offset all our carbon emissions, but also to maintain and improve those in our daily lives.
Bayali Curanting Craftmanship , handmade items.


 Human Approach

Bayali believes in togetherness and suggests an approach to craftsmanship whereby talent is the beating heart that unites humanity and tradition together. We personally meet and exchange with each craftsman, take time to get to know them individually, listen to their story and learn about their know-how. Bayali encourages the support and protection of these individual initiatives by offering an authentic and mindful shopping experience.


BAYALI is devoted to being as transparent and explanatory as possible when it comes to our craftsmen, their know-how and our export. However, Bayali encourages our customers to be mindful of time. Waiting a few weeks to receive your order is normal. Our craftsmen need time to produce your items and our videos introducing you to each of them are also intended to show you the overall processes to make the object, how their know-how works and the time it takes to produce it.
BAYALI promotes a 'perfectly imperfect' state of mind towards craftsmanship. As such, items may slightly differ from the product image on our website. Each creation is unique and handmade and small discrepancies are not regarded as damage or defect.


All our products are handled with care throughout the entire process from creation to reception. We firstly carry out a strict procedure of inspection with the craftsmen to ensure that the objects present no danger and/or risk for the health before proceeding with the sales.  We also follow a thorough cleaning procedure once the items are received and before being sending them to you. Please also note that we manually apply organic and comestible boiled linseed oil made in the UK to protect and ensure the longevity of all our wooden objects from Senegal.