Beaded Necklace Marine Blue & Bumblebee Yellow


Long Senegalese Handmade Beaded Necklace - Large Blue Senegalese Oval Glass beads with thin black line details and small Bumblebee Yellow Senegalese Glass beads

This beaded necklace is a beautiful accessory to brighten up any outfit. It can be worn alone or with our other Senegalese Handmade beaded necklaces. Mix & Match the different colours, styles and length to create your own stack. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


– This necklace is perfect for layering –

The necklaces are 100% handmade and the details & colour of the beads may vary slightly, irregularities may also be possible


Materials & Measurements

Length: 28 cm

100% Handmade in Senegal

Glass beads
Stainless Steel Clasp
(Colour of the clasp may vary)

Care instruction

Handle with care. When not worn, protect to avoid damage. Be mindful of water, alcohol or perfume, discoloration may occur on the clasp.

Toggle clasp - Please note that clasp finish may very from gold plated or Silver plated (on brass) from one necklace to another

Please be gentle with your necklace, the glass beads can be quite fragile.

Irregularities in shape and colour of the beads is possible - these are perfectly imperfect and the proof that they have been handmade !

Necklaces in Senegal

In Senegal women of all ages wear beads. For children and younger girls beads are protectors, intended to promote good health. For women, beads are worn around their hips as an expression of their femininity and sensuality.