Wooden Chopping Board


Senegalese Oval Handmade Wooden Chopping Board

These unique handmade chopping boards are carved from one single piece of wood from Casamance, the southern part of Senegal. These are extremely resistant chopping boards and perfectly match with our Uzbek knives. They equally make stunning serving boards ideal for cheese, charcuterie or tapas boards.

Product details:

Natural Dimb Wood

Natural Finish – Coated with Organic Linseed Oil

Food Safe

Not Dishwasher Safe

Not Microwave Safe

Not Oven safe

The items are 100% handmade and the details of the wood varies, irregularities may also be possible


Materials & Measurements

Dimensions: 35 x 23 cm
Weight: 1.3kg
100% Casamance Wood Handmade in Senegal

Care instruction

To care for your wooden treasures from Senegal, wash in warm water with soap, rinse and dry immediately. In order to nourish and protect the wood, use organic edible Linseed oil and gently coat the surfaces. Let it dry. Please note this can alter the colour of the wood which may darken.


Wood carving is a highly physical know-how which requires both patience and strength.
Hand carved from one single piece of wood, the artisan uses his strength and firmly swings
the adze downwards to chip off pieces of wood. This motion is repeated until the desired shaped is carved. After which, the wood pieces is then hand polished to create a smooth and sleek finish.

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