Bayali Introduces ABDUVAHID


Abduvahid discovered ceramics for the first time in kindergarten as the children were encouraged to sculpt small objects to play with. There quickly became no need for toys as he began sculpting his own: soldiers, pelicans, airplanes… A passion that he pursued at University and then alongside a master potter who taught him the secrets of his know-how.

“I am not just a craftsman, I am an artist, because artists are thinkers, thinking and creating something new, something extraordinary.”

Abduvahid grew up in museums, where his mother worked. Interested in archaeology and excavation sites, he participated in various expeditions where he worked to repair ceramics. That’s how he discovered the skills and methods of ancient masters in pottery during the Iranian Samanid dynasty (819-999 CE) which greatly inspired his black and white works. Abduvahid often dreams of going back in time and meeting these masters to continue learning from them.


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