Bayali Introduces BAKHTIYOR

Bayali's Artisan Bakhtior

Passionate about shapes, forms and patterns, Bakthiyor follows traditional techniques of master potters. After discovering ceramics by watching his older brother, he decided to use ceramics to represent his love for nature, especially the flora and fauna of the Fergana Valley.

“This is why natural elements are represented on my ceramics, because this region is gifted with a rich environment.”

Bakthiyor decided to work only with raw materials that can be sourced locally. ‘Ishkor’, a plant which grows in the surrounding foothills, creates the famous Uzbek blue colours on his ceramics. In Uzbekistan, blue brings happiness and health.

Bakthiyor’s ceramics are embellished with extremely detailed compositions representing plants, motifs of reign and life, flowers, pomegranates, almonds, plumage of birds, fish – all of which are ancient symbols associated with the renewal of nature and good wishes. It took years of practice for him to master such intricate details and he is now teaching his son and grand-son the secrets of his know-how.

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