Bayali Introduces ALASSANE

Bayali's Artisan Alassane

It all started with simple metal cans which Alassane turned into ashtrays, trinket dishes or even toys for kids to play with. His crafty fibre led him to use what was around him and give these a second life. An upcycling approach that turned him into an artist but also that
sparked joy to children around him.

“The streets of Dakar are my inspiration.”

Representing his city in a fun and playful way, the iconic ‘Car rapides’, symbol of Senegal, became one of his inspirations. Much like these buses which embody the warmth and liveliness of the country, Alassane’s creations radiate Senegal’s luminous energy. Operating various routes from Dakar to the rest of the country, ‘Car rapides’ are always decorated with bright colours, symbols and religious phrases wishing good luck to the travellers on the road.


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