Bayali Introduces GULCHEKHRA

Bayali's Artisan Gulchekhra
Gulchekhra on the right hand side with her two sisters 
Gavhar and Umida


Gulchekra and her two sisters Gavhar and Umida decided to work together after Gavhar, who did not pass her university entrance exam, decided to sew. They started by making clothing for puppets and scarves, which were easy to do. In Uzbekistan, young girls are taught many different skills from an early age. In this family, sewing was especially loved because it is their mother, who taught them. They received, twenty-four years ago, their very first sewing machine which they continue using now to make the chapans.

When I comes to sewing in the Uzbek culture, there is a tradition that forbids to throw away wastes gathered from a fabric. Everything should be used. So I make pouches, pockets for the coats but also use it to make patchworks.

In the Uzbek culture, chapans are the traditional garments worn throughout the country. The vibrant colours and patterns are intended to distract the evil eye from looking in the eyes of the person.


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