Bayali Introduces DEMBA

Bayali's Artisan Demba

Born in a family of wood carvers, Demba pursued his family’s legacy after his father’s passing. Putting his studies on pause, he felt the responsibility to help his mother. He left the North of Senegal for Dakar, where he learned to master the know-how and create his

“Everything that I do, I do it with the right intentions. I do it because family is everything, because I want all my children to receive an education.”

Demba embraced his know-how, perfecting his skills, challenging his creativity and prioritising the quality and origin of the wood he works with. His hard work paid off. His older brother was able to complete a PHD in law, his mother is cared for and all eight of his children receive a French and Qur’anic education nearby Dakar.


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