Bayali Introduces TADZALIEV

Bayali's artisan Tatdzaliev

Ceramics is a know-how that has been in Tadzaliev’s family for generations. Having seen both his father and grand-father working with clay, he decided at a very young age, to follow their path. He used his child’s imagination to come up with decorative patterns to embellish his father’s ceramics. That's when he started drawing. Tadzaliev would fill pages and pages of drawings.

My inspiration comes in my dreams.

He recalls waking up in the middle of the night, thirty years ago, and going to his workshop because his mind was full of patterns and drawings. Tedzaliev told us that the key to beautiful drawings is to paint them as soon as you wake up.

Now working with his daughters, he teaches them the symbolic and techniques of these various decorative ornaments. In Uzbekistan, flowers, fruits and herbs represented on ceramics all carry a specific meaning and wishes.


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