Persian Blessing Small Fruit Bowl


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Persian Blessing Handmade Ceramic Fruit Bowl

This stunning fruit bowl is decorated with a Persian blessing from the 9th century Samanid Dynasty in Iran, translated as: “Blessing and prosperity to the owner of this bowl.”
This elegant yet contemporary ceramic bowl is extremely versatile and can be used in multiple ways: To hold your keys or jewellery, when you host an Aperitivo or to keep your fruits and vegetables. It is a meaningful yet minimalist piece which will bring you countless blessings. 


Details :

Colour: Ecru and Black enamel

Composition: 100% Ceramic

Food Safe


Dimensions & weight

Dimensions : 21.5 cm diameter

Weight : 1.8 kg

Care instruction

Hand Wash only

Not Dishwasher Safe
Not Microwave Safe
Not Oven safe


Inspired by the pottery of the Iranian Samanid Dynasty (819-999 CE), an important period in Islamic art, Uzbek master craftsman and artist Abdouvahid explored Persian calligraphy. Usually in the form of aphorisms, the letters were intended to be seen everyday as the pottery was used daily. Abdouvahid experimented these ancient Samanid techniques, down to the smallest detail: the shade of black, the type of glaze, the thickness of the brushes…