Marine Blue Dessert plates | Set of 4


Set of Four Marine Blue Uzbek Handmade Ceramic Dessert plates

This set of plates sublimely represents the beauty of the Uzbek culture. These mismatched Four Marine blue plates are entirely handmade, hence their sometimes imperfect shapes and pattern variations.

Mix & Match with our Turquoise Blue Uzbek Handmade Ceramic Dinner Plates, this set will make any table a unique travel experience.


Colour: Marine Blue

Composition: 100% Ceramics

Food Safe

These plates are 100% handmade. Details, irregularities and imperfections may also be possible



Dimensions & weight

Dimensions : 23 cm diameter

Weight : 0.45 kg

Care instruction

Hand Wash only

Not Dishwasher Safe
Not Microwave Safe
Not Oven safe


100% handmade, these ceramics plates have been crafted by master ceramists in Uzbekistan. The blue colour, symbol of Uzbekistan which represents the ‘everlasting blue sky’, is collected from a local plant ‘Ishkor’. Once crushed, it creates a grey powder used to paint the floral patterns. The symmetrical patterns become blue once baked in the kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius.