Flower Large Turquoise Blue Fruit Bowl


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Large Turquoise Blue Handmade Uzbek Ceramic Fruit Bowl

This stunning fruit bowl is entirely handmade by Uzbek master potter. It took years of practice to master the skills of painting such delicate and intricate details. Made from clay, this fruit bowl represents the epitome of the rich and ever so fine culture of Uzbekistan. Use it to display your citrus – the zesty colour will beautifully match against the iconic Uzbek blue and fill your house with a breeze of summer.


This object is a unique piece.

Colour: Turquoise Blue with hints of camel

Composition: 100% Ceramic

Food Safe



Dimensions & weight

Dimensions : 40 cm diameter

Weight : 1.8 kg

Care instruction

Hand Wash only

Not Dishwasher Safe
Not Microwave Safe
Not Oven safe


The blue colour, symbol of Uzbekistan which represents the ‘everlasting blue sky’, is collected from a local plant ‘Ishkor’. Once crushed, it creates a grey powder used to paint the floral patterns. The symmetrical patterns become blue once baked in the kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius.