Tata Tuck Box Royal Blue | Large


This stunning hand painted metal Tuck Box is inspired by the iconic and bright Senegalese buses ‘Car Rapides’.

The top surface is decorated with the BAYALI Hands representing craftsmanship. On the right side is painted in black, capital letters ‘BAYALI’. On the left side is written in black, capital letters ‘Dakar’.

 These tuck boxes are unique decorative storage boxes. They can be placed by your sofa to store throws, books or newspapers. They can also make stunning and playful storage box for children’s toys. Storage has never looked more colourful!


Metal & Acrylic paint

Finish: Protective lacquer for long-lasting finish

 – The items are 100% handmade and details may vary, irregularities may also be possible


Materials & Measurements

Dimensions: 80x40x30cm
Weight: 7kg

Care instruction

To care for your hand painted treasures from Senegal, simply clean with dry cloth. Avoid any contact with alcohol.

Did you know ?

‘Car Rapides’ are the symbol of Senegal and operate various routes from Dakar to the rest of the country. Always painted in bright colours, they adorn many symbols and religious phrases. These popular buses are used throughout the city as well and are known to be affordable. Recently, however, they have been subject to governmental threats, who wishes to replace them for a modernised, sober version.