Aila Silk Ikat Cushion


Stripped Orange and Beige Handmade Uzbek Silk Ikat Cushion

Front: Beige and Orange Stripped silk fabric with traditional Ikat pattern in Fuchsia, Yellow and light Beige. The fabric is 100% Silk and 100% handmade in Uzbekistan following the traditional method of Ikat making.  This pattern is rare and ancient.

Back: 100% Ecru Cotton from Uzbekistan

Sewed in the UK



Materials & Measurements

100% Silk & 100% handmade in Uzbekistan following the traditional method of Ikat making.
Dimensions: 35x35 cm
All cushions are sold with a filling made in the UK

Care instruction

We advise dry cleaning only to avoid colour fading


Uzbek Ikat fabrics are a distinctive feature of the culture in Uzbekistan. Brought by nomad traders stopping along the silk route, it became a luxurious fabrics reserved for royalty and the upper-class. Today, only a few families have continued the original method of ikat making and pursued the production after Uzbekistan’s independence.

Patterns are invented by masters based on their memory to create a unique design. The silk threads are laid out on a 2x2 meter frame and using small dots, the master draws the patterns. Each dot is a note to indicate the different colours of the design. The Uzbek fabric is then dyed, one colour at a time. A process which can take as long as two months to complete.

Once the Abrebant, the original name for Ikat pattern has been dyed, weaving takes place. For pure silk fabrics, the weaving method requires eight pedals, following a precise rhythm.

The length of every Ikat fabric is 2m20 and is marked by a separation called ‘rapport’. This not only proves that the fabric is entirely handmade and handwoven but also that ikat patterns in fact represent an algorithm.

Ikat Making